Jason Reimuller

Affiliate Research Scientist
San Francisco, CA
Dr. Jason Reimuller joined SSI as a Research Associate in December 2011. Jason's research interests involve using integrative remote sensing methods to address global climatological phenomena. Jason is a multi-engine, instrument-rated commercial pilot and has used these skills to investigate low-latitude threshold regions of noctilucent cloud structures by aircraft through synchronized observations with NASA's Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere satellite. He is currently combining a system engineering and flight operations background involving manned spaceflight architectures that was gained through NASA's Constellation Program with a research background involving upper atmospheric dynamics and the dynamics of continental glaciers, gained through experience with NASA's Operation Ice Bridge. He has been selected by NASA as the PI for an experiment that will use a manned suborbital vehicle to produce noctilucent cloud topography and is currently working with XCOR as an operations specialist to use reusable manned commercial spacecraft for aeronomy and astronomy applications. Jason currently resides in San Francisco, CA.