Larisza Krista

Research Scientist
Boulder, CO

Dr. Larisza Krista is a solar physicist with a special interest in studying the open magnetic field regions of the Sun. She did her MA degree in astrophysics at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary. She completed her PhD on coronal holes and high-speed solar wind streams at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. In 2011 she moved to Boulder to accept a research scientist position at the University of Colorado. Her current work is on developing an automated solar dimming detection algorithm using advanced image processing techniques in order to analyze dimmings (i.e. transient coronal holes). Her goal is to investigate the relationship between solar dimmings and their eruptive counterparts, such as flares and CMEs. She also studies coronal holes to better understand their space weather effects and their role in the reconfiguration of the global solar magnetic field over the solar cycle.