Joseph Plowman

Affiliate Research Scientist
Boulder, CO
I earned my Ph.D. in physics from Montana State University in 2010, comparing predicted gravitational wave detections for various models of the massive black hole binary population. I then transitioned to heliophysics, studying the heating of solar coronal loops and methods of reconstructing coronal temperature distributions from EUV observations. In 2013, I moved to Boulder for a postdoc at the NCAR High Altitude Observatory, where I focused on data processing and magnetic field measurement for the Coronal Multichannel Polarimeter (CoMP) telescope. Most recently, I have been focusing on measuring coronal heating, cooling & mass loss associated with 'coronal dimmings' (which are believed to be associated with Coronal Mass Ejections) as well as measuring the distribution of very small coronal heating events (which are hypothesized to be responsible for the majority of the heating).