Ricky Egeland

Affiliate Research Scientist
Boulder, CO


Ph.D. Montana State University, 2017

My early career has been an intersection of physics, astronomy, and computing. Throughout my undergraduate education in physics at the University of Minnesota I worked on extracurricular educational and scientific software and web development projects. This evolved into seven years of full-time software development and database design work at CERN during the critical construction phase of the LHC experiment. There, I gained skills and experience with complex scientific projects and distributed computing systems, building databases to handle millions of hardware tests and a data transfer system to distribute petabytes of scientific data. My transition to astrophysics went through the development of a cluster-based analysis framework for the Dark Energy Survey, and on to doctoral studies in solar physics and the long-term magnetic variability of Sun-like stars. My current work focuses on understanding the behavior and processes of the solar and stellar dynamos and their dependence on fundamental stellar properties. By using observations of other Sun-like stars as independent "dynamo experiments," I hope to unlock the secrets of the solar dynamo and its magnificent "order out of chaos" behavior.