Jaime Harold

Acting Director of NCIL and Director of IST
Boulder, CO


Ph.D., Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, 1993
A.B., Physics, Occidental College, 1985

Jaime has a research background in space physics, and is currently Director of Information Systems and Technology for SSI. He has a long interest in the role of computers, simulations, and games in education. He has been involved in a wide range of space science education programs, including the NASA Office of Space Science (now Science Mission Directorate) Education Support Network, and was the development lead for the software components of the Alien Earths and Giant Worlds traveling exhibits and accompanying web sites, as well as the Space Weather Center web site. He is currently Co-I and software development lead for the NSF funded "Great Balls of Fire" and STAR_Net projects, PI on the NSF and NASA funded Finding NEO (developing, among other things, a physics based asteroid deflection game), and Co-I on the NASA/HST funded MyStar (a small stellar evolution game), and the NSF funded Hydrobot project (a 3D Hydrobot simulator game). Most recently he has been funded by NSF and NASA to produce a social game for Facebook dealing with stellar and planetary evolution.