Press Releases

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08/21/2023Statistics Cast Light on the Hubble Constant Tension
08/31/2022Perseverance Rover: First Results, Evidence of liquid water on Mars
08/01/2022SSI Researchers Anticipate Launch of S. Korean Lunar Orbiter Mission
07/22/2022Subaru and Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts: A New Optical 3D Leap Across Wavelengths
06/22/2022Space Science Institute Receives Grant from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
06/07/2021Measuring the Physics of Auroral Electron Acceleration in the Laboratory
05/18/2021A Big Dilemma for the Hubble Constant: To be or not to be constant
05/14/2021Applications of Statistical Methods and Machine Learning in the Space Sciences
04/02/2021Local Scientists to Work on International Lunar Orbiter Mission
12/14/202012 Rural Public Libraries Selected to Receive Funding to Offer Bilingual Exhibitions and STEAM Programming
11/24/2020Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory Gamma-Ray Burst Associated with Kilonovae: Ambushing the Standard Candle in its Own Nest
09/17/2020The Gamma Ray Burst Theory Meets Observations: The Birth of New Standard Candles
04/03/2019Thousands of Public Libraries Gear Up for a Summer of Space
02/13/2018Opportunity Rover Reaches 5000 Martian Days on Mars
06/21/2017Public Libraries are Centers of Eclipse Education for the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse
06/16/201775 public libraries selected as NASA@ My Library Partners
05/05/2017The National Science Foundation Funds Project BUILD
01/01/2017PACA_PolNet: Polarimetric Network to Measure the Inner Solar Coronal Polarization

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